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About Alcye

Making Collaboration Easier Within Learning Communities

Our learning community platform fosters and sustains collaborative learning and social capital among adults who are on a learning journey together while driving results. At Alcye, we believe the best people invest in improving themselves while learning to help others with their skills and knowledge. Our unique combination of integrated communication, peer engagement, social learning and mentoring makes Alcye the platform a learning community wants and needs.


Peer Engagement

A beautiful rendition of building social capital mediated through cognitive, behavioral and environmental participation leading to meaningful dialog on shared journeys.

Social Learning

Intentional knowledge sharing among members that maximizes interaction, interplay, and collaboration to achieve common learning goals.


Mentoring matches within the group help capitalize on each other’s expertise leading to organic upskilling for a mentee, and self-empowerment for a mentor.


Fostering a sense of belonging and connection to provide anchoring and support to an individual within a larger network of people sharing an interest or identity.

  • "This is like workspace in a box"Tray
  • "It’s a community. A way to connect with other people who have some kind of skill, what they’ve done and learning."Ethan
  • "It’s knowledge sharing, and mutually beneficial. User interface looks nice, a really clean design"Kylee
  • "Less intimidating than LinkedIn. Helps me understand [a topic] across different disciplines."Dave
  • "It’s going to be a very useful software"Leigh
  • "I’m a student at HT and in a class. We’re in small groups. We have one project. And we use gmail, google drive, and their [HT] email to communicate. I wish they had something like this so it would be easier to collaborate."Tray
  • "I like forums cause they are a way to talk to people. I like to know whats going on. The Groups are like Slack channels. A bunch of people join the group and you chat.Ethan
  • "You build relationships with a group of people .. and this becomes a trust-tree"Dave

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