What is Alcye?

Alcye (/al·see/) is a Mentoring Marketplace and a social impact platform championing to make mentoring equitable and accessible as it creates a global learning ecosystem. Our process focuses on the people and the value each person brings to the table creating a knowledge community and an organic professional network.

Alcye has a unique mentoring model connecting mentees directly with mentors. There are no gatekeepers. Each person mentors another with their expertise, as well as get advice on their needs – you are the mentor and the mentee. This creates an opportunity for self-empowered learning, thus narrowing the knowledge gap and expanding possibilities.


How Alcye helped Nikki

Nikki is a young woman, in her first semester at Mesa Community College in Arizona. She wants to finish her basic classes and attend a university, but is unsure. Nikki has no role models, as no one in her family has gone to college. She's seen violence in her household and wants to make a better life for herself, but often gets discouraged and thinks about dropping out.

So, Nikki signed up on Alcye hoping to find someone who can help her. Nikki found Heather, also a first-generation college-graduate. Heather is mentoring Nikki on what she needs to do to get into college. She's also telling Nikki her own story and what it means to be independent and earn her own livelihood. Heather will be Nikki’s anchor as she goes through the first year of community college. Perhaps, they'll be friends for life.

As it so happens, Nikki is a runner and is finding pride in mentoring another Alcye sister, Janice, a 55yr old who wants to take up running and improve her health. Through Alcye, Nikki has found a way to both support and be supported.

How it Works


Alcye’s platform is really easy to use. Click ‘Join’ on the menu and set up your profile. You write down the topics you can mentor in, and the topics you are seeking mentoring for.


You can free-write the topics in for both. It can be broad such as Business or specific like Java Programming. The system matches you up you with mentors (seers) who have the skill-sets you seek.


Peers is the open forum within the learning community. Discussion forums are set up so that you can collaborate and chat with your peers on open topics.


People come together to share their knowledge. We are stronger together than when we are striving alone, and have so much wisdom to share with each other. Not to mention, learning is more fun together.


The platform automatically matches you with a mentor, a ‘Seer’ based on the topics you are seeking mentoring for. You simply send a message on the platform to connect.


The mentoring-conversations are only visible to you and your mentor. You can also video or phone chat from within the platform. You may get a request to be the mentor, and it’s your turn to be the ‘Seer’.


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