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The time and tenacity that goes into movie-making by independent movie makers is awe-inspiring. It is very much an undying love for the craft of film making, for to undertake a film is a huge task. And to do full feature film as an independent film maker is a gargantuous task. It is also lovely to see the support of everyone who comes together for such films, for they all share the same passion for that form of art.

Art inspires. It also enlightens us.

One of the first films I was part of is called Killifish. A short film, written and directed by Sarah Diane Parrish. It’s about a woman dealing with bad news she receives while she’s throwing a party at her house. As you watch the film you start to understand the nuances of how we women keep it together in public while we silently fall apart; the tenacity it takes to go on. A powerful film. And keep this in mind as you watch it: Sarah was an undergraduate student at UT Austin when she shot this film. Talent for sure. And a desire to relay a message.

Art inspires. It also makes us laugh. One such movie is Kopy Kings.

Kopy Kings – saving the world one copy at  a time – is a romantic comedy, and a cute one at that. It is full length feature film, written and directed by Greg Dorchak. Kopy Kings is shot completely in Austin. Its a workplace comedy where the copy center regional manager Maggie must contend with a useless new hire, a “Sam-and-Diane” relationship with the store assistant manager Dan, and an impending administrative change that could negatively impact the company’s employee-friendly culture. A must see, feel-good movie!

Extend your support for the local movement. Rent or buy a copy from Amazon. Follow the link and watch the trailer as well. And be sure to watch the interview of Greg Dorchak, a truly funny guy himself, who also costars in Kopy Kings as an employee with an aversion to pants. For real. 

Grass-roots movie making is a labor of love. From the writers, directors, producers, and actors to the editing staff, music, lighting and a host of things that go onto making a movie. It’s also extremely long hours. But then, passion isn’t for the lazy.

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Author: Lav Chintapalli