Alcye (/al·see/) is a personification of the collective female wisdom and power. It is an online community Connecting Her – where women and young adults learn collaboratively and mentor each other. It’s a safe space for women to form a network of relationships.

Alcye is a heart-centered community FOR women BY women, that facilitates networking and mentoring by the sharing of resources, knowledge, and tools for success and advancement in all areas of life.


Women supporting women is vitally necessary in today’s world. More often than not we have had to figure things out by ourselves, without much support. We’ve had to start from scratch, make mistakes that could have been easily avoided had we known who to reach out to, or who to ask.

Art: Cil Laurens
Art: Cil Laurens

Since it is relatively recently, 1960s and early 1970s, that women have joined the public workforce, we have not had a chance to form the internal network we need. Men have had the ‘Old Boys Club’, but what about women? It is high time, and it is upon us to lead the way.

Alcye’s platform allows women to network from the comfort of home – whether they are in Japan, Africa, or the USA . Given that our spare time is decreasing, just as our to-do list is increasing, being able to meet women to collaboratively learn online is not only appealing, but practical.

Moreover, what’s the guarantee that you will find your mentor in the same town you are in? And how will you find your mentor? How many meetups and networking events do you have to attend before you find someone? Alcye’s platform takes the confusion out; every woman who is signed up on this platform is ready to mentor someone, and be mentored as well. Every Alcye sister understands the power of a community, and the power of the collective.

Most women have experienced success and failure, joy and sorrow, and hurdles untold. Just amongst us, there is so much knowledge  and wisdom to share. We are each other’s grandmothers and tribe women, gifted with life’s learnings that we can pass on. We can be each other’s champions.

If you have ever wanted to be a part of a greater movement, this is your chance to contribute and receive. We have been lucky enough to come after iconic women who have championed for us and fought for our rights, but now it is upon us to take the baton to the next station. As you each reach out and offer your strengths and expertise, you can receive help in areas you need assistance with. So no single person is in a constant state of giving. You don’t have to strive alone in a digital world as Alcye offers us the space to connect.

We are the network of peers and seers.

For her, by her.

Art: Swetha Gavirneni
Art: Swetha Gavirneni