Alcye(/al·see/) is a social impact platform and global mentoring marketplace that provides mentees direct access to mentors and an opportunity for self-empowered learning. The shifting landscape of employment and economic realities necessitates a different way of allowing people to learn, network, and form professional relationships. Quote by Lav

Our process focuses on the people and the value each person brings creating a helper ecosystem, the best kind of community there is.  The platform allows us to maximize the benefits of groups and organizations. It helps reduce professional development challenges by providing a virtual space and a unique mentoring model that makes mentoring equitable and accessible, thus narrowing the knowledge gap as it raises awareness and upskills the workforce. This also reduces the gap between economic disparities, racism, classism, and ageism.

Alcye is a personification of our collective wisdom and power and a safe space for people to foster professional connections. It is an online community that facilitates networking and mentoring by the sharing of resources, knowledge, and tools for success and advancement in all areas of life.

We are the network of peers and seers.