Hi! Thanks for stopping by. If you’re reading this right now, you’ve probably looked around the site a bit and wanted to know a bit more about the Why and the Who. My name is Lav, and I am the founder of Alcye. You can read my formal bio here, but I wanted to write a personal note and tell you a bit about myself, and mostly to say thank you for considering becoming part of the legacy that Alcye is striving for.

As you see, Alcye is really about all of us. But I can tell you why I started it.

Throughout my life and career, I’ve made mistakes. Tons of them. I’ve never had a mentor or someone to guide me. It was just me trying to figure it out by myself. I was shy, so didn’t quite have the courage to approach people either. The internet was an infant then, so asking questions from the safety of the computer was not possible.

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Because of this, I felt that had I been able to ask someone for advice, I could have avoided the mistakes; had I been able to find the right resource I would have learned from it. No situation is exactly the same, but life is more or less similar in its joys and in its sorrows; more similar in its turbulences, than not.

In that way, each woman’s story is every woman’s story.

I truly believe women benefit from each other’s wisdom, as we are natural care-takers. I also believe that there is no cap on age when it comes to imparting knowledge, that knowledge and wisdom flow from the old to the young as well as from the young to the old. Anyone who’s a mother or teacher knows this first hand when the young teach us a thing or two. Case in point: Alcye was coined by my 12yr old daughter who interested in Greek mythology. It is a derivative of Alcyone (a story of transformation after a tragedy).

Recently, I was asked to be on the panel for a women-in-tech event. One of the main points that kept coming up was mentoring and having females as role models – there is a notable deficit in both.

Alcye is one step in bridging that gap.

Career mentoring is necessary and underutilized. Possibly since there are not many good systems in place to make it happen. Since we are not allowed into the old-boys-network (for obvious reasons), we must forge a new form of network that works for us.

While there are the traditional networking methods of local chapters and B2B clubs, they are limited by generations and geography. Speaking of which, I don’t think one should be constrained by either – not in this day and age. If Elizabeth Gilbert (Eat, Pray, Love) found wisdom from an old man in Bali, who is to say where our mentor or career connector or life guide may come from?

An online community is perfect for this, and Alcye is born out of these needs.

Art by Schloe
Art by Schloe

This time in history, calls for herstory. We must extend our hand and be each other’s peers and seers, that we share our knowledge and wisdom, and gain the same from others. It is important that we are allowed the space to connect with people seeking heart-centered connections, and that these connections grow to be something beautiful.

In this spirit, I offer Alcye to you. Now, it is up to each one of us to pick up the mantle and create the community and paradise that we seek.

As far as hobbies go, I have too many. I read tons, and across a cross-section of subjects. I love and support the arts – I write, dance, and act (which forces me out of my comfort zone). I enjoy nature and art galleries as they both soothe and heal. I also do energy work and counseling. And here’s the best – my two daughters. Long discussions are our favorite pastime as we bond over Harry Potter and funny memes.

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