Lav Chintapalli is the founder of Alcye. As an advocate for female and youth empowerment, Lav’s professional background is in talent development, business communication and organizational change.



Lav Chintapalli is the founder of Alcye. She has always been a huge proponent of community and empowerment of youth and women through education and outreach. At the age of 26, Lav started a supplemental-education center teaching Math and Reading to students K-12. She made enough of an impact that a few years after she sold the business, the parents of the Kumon students requested she start another center. In 2005, Lav deliberated with the Town of Cary for six months and persuaded them to start a yoga class for teens – an age group often overlooked. A year later, she was commended and interviewed by the local news for her contributions to the community. In 2014, Lav started nuLimina: Building Stronger Women – a Center of Sociocultural Innovation that offered single-gender classes to youth and women to affect change through coaching and collaboration in a nurturing space.

Pic of Lav Chintapall

Lav Chintapalli works in the corporate sector as a growth agent involved in developing solutions within the fields of organizational change, globalized collaboration, learning and development. Her interests pertain to increasing intellectual capital by understanding the learning dynamics and leadership styles of transnational cultures as they congregate in globalized spaces, and how to best design, implement, and evaluate technological use to encourage growth and productivity.

In addition to leading workshops, and TEDx talks, Lav has taught Leadership Seminars at N.C. State University. Her doctoral research investigates the factors that support or inhibit the success of collegiate adults and the juxtaposition of sociocultural values, learning, and globalization.  Lav’s formal education in Microbiology, Genetics, Computer Science, Training & Development, and Adult Education with certifications as a Coach and Leadership Assessor, plus her varied consulting and management experience in the corporate sector gives her the breadth and depth for carrying out interdisciplinary pursuits.

A do-good believer to the core, Lav has written a children’s book, The Crayon Who Wore A Cap – a book that delves into issues of self-esteem and belonging.