So glad you stopped by! There are so many ways you can contribute.

First and foremost, Alcye is for you, and her, and us. In other words, this is made by you for the rest of us. Or made by the rest of us, for you. Alcye is independent, no one owns us. So, that means liberation. We can do as we please.

It is FOR her, BY her. That’s right.


Write: You love to write? Then by all means send us a scribe. We are always looking for fab folks who want to write about their passion, profession, expertise, or hobby. Share your thoughts and wisdom so the rest of us may benefit. You have experience in rabbit-rearing? Then we want to know all about it. Oh, you code you say? Then please, give us insight into how women can get into coding. Write, so we may learn.

We want technical articles, how-to articles, life-style articles, professional articles – anything you care about. Articles on spirituality, gardening, robot-making, interviewing, college essays – you get the idea.

We especially encourage Middle School & High School writers to use this platform to showcase their writing. We also accept poetry.

Way too often the response is, “But I don’t have anything to write about”. You do. You most certainly do. Think of something in your life that you are drawn to, that you keep going back to, over and over, something you have learned the hard way – that is a subject you write about.

Speak: Don’t care much for alphabets? Then send us a video. Tell us what you are doing; a technique perhaps. Or show us all the ways one can stretch out a hamstring (God knows we all have tight hamstrings!). A picture is worth a thousand words. And some of you sure know how to speak in a way that will make us listen.

Mime: Not quiet sure how this works. Open to ideas.

 There’s no cap on what can and cannot be shared (except for hate messages). By all means, share your beautiful mind. Only rule is that you have to be female, or identify as female.

WIIFY: While we can’t pay, we can certainly offer a platform for you to share your knowledge, expertise, and funny bone. You’ll be gaining publicity, a stake in the ground, and some good karma. Not to mention that this will go out to our social media.


Email: Submit your article/video to social(at) [use the @ symbol] No restriction on length.

Subject heading – ‘Blog Post’ and your Full name

Include: Attach the article as a word doc.

Author: Your First & Last name/Title. If you want an extended ‘About Author’ section, send us a Headshot and a short Bio as in this example. Include your social media info or website – we’ll link to you. And be sure to share your article as well – it will get more traction and readers.

Middle School & High school writers need not send us a headshot, but include a short Bio as in this example.

Note: If your work has been published previously elsewhere online, you must update your article with a new title and approximately 20 percent new and different content in the body. This allows search engines to tag the article as a unique article. Alcye reserves all use rights to anything we publish in any form.


What is leadership but strength & compassion? That precisely defines an Alcye Ambassador. Alcye Ambassadors are savvy women who are not afraid to take a stance, to take a leadership role, are insightful, compassionate and fierce. They understand the impact of community, and value the necessity of connection. Alcye is only as grand and impactful as our community makes it—this is an online meeting place made up of, by and for the community it serves. We therefore welcome anyone who wants to be an ambassador for Alcye.

Phoenix Rising

Looking for internships: We need editors, graphic designers, marketing folks etc …

We need your skills. Whether it is outbound such as marketing and outreach, or inbound such as leading discussions in the forums, serving as administrators or assisting as overarching mentors – we need you.  We await your ideas as well. It is for us, by us. Or should we say, for her, by her.

Alcye is also only as strong as the number of people in it so we welcome all leaders who can introduce Alcye within their own communities, thereby creating a stronger global network.

If you are that strong and compassionate leader, we look forward to hearing from you. Write to us at social(at)[use the @ symbol], Subject – ‘Alcye Ambassador’ and tell us how you can lead, and we will help you fly.