Hi! Thanks for stopping by. My name is Lav Chintapalli, the Founder of Alcye. I wanted to write a personal note and tell you a bit about myself, and mostly to say thank you for becoming part of the legacy that Alcye is striving for.

My background is a 20+ year career in Organizational Design and the Human Capital industry. I also run a Leadership Consulting firm called Pathway Power. During these years, I’ve noticed that mentoring is not as accessible to everyone. Although it is absolutely essential for growth it is severely underutilized. Possibly since there are not many good systems in place to facilitate this.

Also, today’s current economic realities, the uprise of a gig economy, and an expanding market of contingent workforce makes it harder to get the mentoring and advice one needs. Corporate programs usually do not approve contractors to be in mentoring programs. And how many networking events do you need to go to before finding someone who could help you? There was clearly a gap that needed to be filled.

Alcye is one step in bridging that gap.


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